Clasus Interactive boards

The CLASUS interactive whiteboard to be fully functional will need to operate together with a digital projector (recommended resolution: XGA 1024x768) and one computer.

The interactive whiteboard should be mounted on a solid wall to guarantee the stability of the joint movement with the projector, when considered the option of board and projector mounted with CLASUS LIFT wall stand.

The CLASUS interactive whiteboard must be operated with A-migo interactive software to guarantee fully interactivity of the set (board, projector, and computer).

The digital projector as the interactive whiteboard should be mounted in a way that allows full stability, durability and correct projection setup (height and distance), for that we recommend a wall mount together with the board. This situation requires a “short distance” digital projector.

Alternatively and if possible the projector can be mounted on the ceiling with the appropriate mount. In this situation a standard digital projector can be used with projection distances from 2,5m to 3m for the need 78” projection area.

Finally if none of the above installations is possible the projector can be placed over a table. Whoever this setup will interfere with the users because the light beam will be directly over them and the projection position will be highly variable. Additionally this setup is highly likely to generate falls of the projector or other setup problems.

It is important to mention that a professional installation of all the equipments is fundamental to the correct use of all system features.

Last but not least, training needs to be provided for all equipments and software acquired even if they appear intuitive and user friendly.